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The Andrée Expedition is about S A Andrée’s Polar Expedition in 1897. Objects, archives and photographs from the expedition are in the museum’s exhibition:  clothes, medical supply, scientific equipment etcetera, together with a large number of Nils Strindberg´s amazing photograps are on display in the museum. During summertime a powerpoint-presentation – in english and german – is running in the ”balloon-house” downstairs. The balloon basket is in the centre of the room, rigged and ready to take off.

The Andrée Expedition is part of the Polar Centre. The Polar Centre tells us about expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic other than those of S A Andrée – both from the past and from modern times. We take today’s research very seriously, and it is something we wish to mediate. There is a considerable amount to study in our reading corner, with a great deal of information about the Polar Regions and ongoing research. The reading corner also contains a setting that describes the Norwegian-British-Swedish Antarctic Expedition that took place in 1949-1952. It is probably Sweden’s largest collection of objects from this expedition, and includes illustrative maps of the Arctic and Antarctic with the expedition’s routes and research stations. Not least, they give you an idea of the distances and geographical dimensions.

Temporary exhibitions are held in our Gallery (free of charge) as well as in the Polar Centre.

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Brahegatan 38-40, Grenna Kulturgård, Gränna, Sweden
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Rasmus mill in Röttle

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