The antarctic journals of John King Davis.

Edited by Louise Crossley

Paperback.  203 pp.

Språk: engelska

Europe, Arctic, Asia – consisting of two books, opens with Anton Rolandsson Martin’s own text’s from his journeys to Spitsbergen and Norway.

Rolandsson and Falck

Två böcker:

Volume two, book one: Inbunden. s. 751. Språk: tyska och engelska

Volume two book two. Inbunden. s.751. Språk: tyska och engelska.

In this book we follow Ernest Mansfield’s tracks through Three continents: from his native England to New Zealand, Canada, Scotland and Svalbard and back to England – with forays into Australia and northern USA.

Barr, Susan
Newman, David
Nesteroff, Greg

Häftad. s. 192. Språk: engelska