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Bothild Benesdotter of Broxvik


A rich and powerful saviour. Bothild Benesdotter lived on the Broxvik estate, which is now called Östanå, during the second half of the 14th century. When the monastery in Vadstena is being built, Bothild decides to donate several estates she owns on Öland to the monastery.

Bothild received all this property as a gift from her two deceased husbands, and inherited it from her deceased son. At this time she is thus a very rich widow. In the deed of gift to Vadstena monastery, she assures that she is healthy in both body and soul and thus knows exactly what she is doing when she donates the estate. The reason for the great generosity is said to be that she wants to purify her and her family’s souls.

Chalk painting in Härkeberga church, Uppland. Upplandsmuseet. (Generic image, does not depict Bothild of Broxvik.)

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