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Ellen Johansson


Mother Ellen in Röttle. When Ellen Johansson is 26 years old she becomes a widow with three children. To provide for herself and the children, she sews for other families and helps out during festivities, funerals and weddings. A couple of years after her husband’s death, Ellen buys a cottage of 35 square metres in Röttle using borrowed money. The big backyard is full of different berry bushes and fruit trees. Ellen also cultivates potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips and white cabbages. Clothes for her children she sews herself.

When her own children reaches their teenage-years, Ellen starts to take care of foster children. Over the years, she takes in many children and two of them spend their entire upbringing with Ellen, who will be known as mother Ellen in Röttle. From the beginning, there is no water drawn into the cabin, but in the early 30s Ellen decides to get her own well. Mother Ellen’s circumstances are poor, but she always makes sure there is food on the table. She is also very active in the Röttle mission congregation and in the sewing association.

Ellen Johansson together with her children. Grenna Museum’s archive.

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    Varukorg (Cart)
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