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Gränna mountain’s Open-Air museum

Just above Gränna, on the edge of the mountain with a wonderful view, is Grännaberget’s Open-Air museum.

The Open-Air museum is the first museum operation that was started in Gränna, already in 1912. From the beginning, it functioned as a city park for the residents of Gränna, but from 1916, more and more buildings began to accumulate in the area. The idea was to build a creation similar to the one Arthur Hazelius had created at Skansen in Stockholm. Buildings that were threatened by demolishion were moved to Gränna mountain.

Today, the Open-Air museum, like Rasmus Mill in Röttle, is run by Grenna Museum Foundation.

The cabins are open during Kaffestugan’s opening hours, i.e. the period May to August.

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