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Polarcenter is the collective name for our work on expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic. This includes S A Andrée’s polarexpedition.

On the museum’s entrance floor, the planning of S A Andrée’s polar expedition is shown, until the Eagle takes off from Danes Island on Spitsbergen. An introductory film about the expedition is shown continuously, it is roughly15 minutes long. On this floor, you can also take part in other expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic. Partly through traditional exposure with objects and text, but also with the help of an interactive touch screen that shows a large number of expeditions.

We are particularly pleased to be able to show you, for the first time, a permanent exhibition about Otto Nordenskjöld’s expedition to Antarctica 1901-1903 – an extremely fruitful and equally dramatic expedition.

As a contrast to the “crown jewel” of the collections – S A Andrée – we have the docent in glaciology, Nina Kirchner, as representative of ongoing research. Her research on glaciers is illustrated through objects and pictures.

One floor down S A Andrée’s polarexpedition continues: the flying, landing, the walk over the ice, the find and finally the homecoming. Because of Bea Uusma’s extensive research into the causes of death, a part of the exhibition is devoted to her theories, as well as an AR experience where you get a three-dimensional experience of what might have happened on White Island (Vitön) in early October 1897.

In addition to the introductory film above, four other polar history films are shown in a cinema hall, including one about Otto Nordenskjöld’s expedition to Antarctica and the film In the shadow of the expedition – a film about those whom the Andrée expedition left behind: Nils Ekholm, G V E Swedenborg, Gurli Linder and Anna Charlier.

Further development of Polarcenter

Purpose and goals

Polarcenter in Gränna fills a gap among today’s institutions and museums. Our purpose is the collect and show explorers and research in the Arctic and Antarctic. We do this through exhibitions and events.


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The polar regions

They are without a doubt the most inhospitable places you can find yourself in, the Arctic and Antarctic. In winter, the cold sometimes goes down to minus 90 degrees Celcius, and the grim climate means that there are no large plants to provide protection from the wind.


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