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The Andrée Expedition

On July 11th 1897t he gas balloon Örnen took off from Danes Island, Spitsbergen, with Salomon August Andrée, Nils Strindberg and Knut Frænkel in the gondola. Their intention was to, as good as possible, geographically map the northern polar region by flying over the North Pole. A grand idea. Already, on July 14, the flight was canceled due to the weather and the real adventure begins; to survive in the Arctic. The expedition is illustrated in an exhibition on two floors: the preparations and the expedition itself. Images and animations from the landing and the ice walk are shown on large screens along with a large number of objects.

The cause of death still eludes us. In a three-dimensional experience (AR application), doctor and author Bea Uusma’s theories about what happened to the group during the last days on Kvitøya, Svalbard in 1897 are reproduced.

The Andrée collection is part of Polarcenter. The Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography is the trustee of the André collection. The collection has been deposited with the Grenna Museum Foundation since 1944.

Our Andrée collection

We have many pictures from S A Andrée’s North Pole expedition in 1897 in our collections. Personal photos, preparations, Danes Island, Spitsbergen, the expedition, the findings and the objects. From time to time we can not figure out who is who in portraits/group photos. We are very grateful for your tips and opinions.

Guided tours

We offer two different guided tours of the Andrée expedition.



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A presentation of Alec Wilkinson’s book on the Andrée expedition which appeared on BBC World News in February 2012


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