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Gunnil from Visingsö


The witch on Visingsö. In 1596, a woman named Gunnil was put on trial in Ed on Visingsö. She stands accused of stealing fish and making livestock sick with the help of magic. She is also said to have harmed the vicar’s child with the help of sorcery.

Gunnil pleads guilty to the charges and also confesses much more. She tells the council how she met the Devil and accepted his offer to enter his service. With the help of the Devil, she has, among other things, sent evil spirits to steal livestock.

Twice before, Gunnil has been accused of witchcraft – one time together with her sister Anna. That time they were found guilty after floating to the surface during a water test and were jailed. This time we do not know how Gunnil fared, but her sister, who is again accused at the same time as the sister, but whose charges we do not know, is punished with nine whiplashes.

From Historia om de nordiska folken by Olaus Magnus. (Generic image, does not depict Gunnil.)

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