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Anna Fleischer

Nov 17, 2022


Politically active. Anna Arnell was born in Röttle, just south of Gränna. She works as a maid in various places before marrying Ture Fleischer. They move to Målskog, north of Gränna, where they run a farm.

When Gränna’s branch of the Farmers’ Union was formed in 1930, Ture was among the founders. A few years later, Anna runs for municipal council in Gränna country municipality, but is not elected. After the municipal merger between Gränna country municipality and Gränna city in 1952, Anna was elected as the only woman to the city council and as the first woman to the Farmers’ Union. She sits as a member until 1958 and is involved in the home care committee and the health care committee.

Wedding photo of Anna and Ture Fleischer. Grenna Museum’s archive.

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