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Beata de la Gardie

Nov 17, 2022


Independent noblewoman. Beata de la Gardie is born at Åbo castle to father Johan de la Gardie and mother Katharina Oxenstierna. In her first marriage, Beata is married to the field marshal Lennart Torstenson. They get married in Stockholm and have five children, of which only one, Anders Torstenson, survives the mother. After nearly 20 years of marriage, Lennart dies. A few years later Beata is remarried to Count Per Brahe the younger. The very simple wedding is held at Bogesunds castle in 1653. The marriage seems to have been primarily of a practical nature. Beata’s requrement is that she will be allowed to continue taking care of her own finances. The couple does not produce any children together.

Beata is buried in Torstenson’s family crypt in Riddarholmskyrkan, to take her final rest next to her first husband and their children. She is described as energetic, powerful and in possession of a sense for economy. During her first marriage she administrated the couple’s Swedish, Finish and Estonian estates.

Beata de la Gardie. An oil painting on canvas. Skokloster Castle.

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