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Berta Bergin

Nov 17, 2022


For the women’s right to vote. Berta is born in Gränna, but move from the city with her family as a young girl. As an adult she returns to Gränna with her husband and together they build Villa Berghem. The couple never conceives any children, but Berta took care of several foster children.

Berta is very interested in Gränna’s social life, but can only get involved in associations that are considered suitable for women, for example Lottaföreningen (“the Lotta association”). She fights a lot for women’s right to participate and decide in society. When the Association for Women’s Political Suffrage is formed in Gränna, it is on Berta’s initiative and she becomes the association’s president. They organize lectures, parties and exhibitions, and collect money for various causes that will benefit the suffrage struggle.

In the end, Berta is also elected to the town council in Gränna and sits there for many years. There she continues to lead the women’s cause and argue for women’s rights.

Berta Bergin, 1921. Photographer: Calla Sundbeck. Grenna Museum’s archive.

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