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Calla Sundbeck

Nov 17, 2022


Royal court photographer. As a newly trained photographer, 26-year-old Calla Sundbeck moves to Gränna. Together with her sister Selma, she takes over Carolina Grönberg’s already established photo studio. A few years later, the studio is moved to Brahegatan 39. Selma is also training to be a photographer and the sisters also have a branch on Visingsö.

Calla is appointed Royal Court Photographer, a coveted title that confirms her expertise. The portrait is a popular type of photography at this time and the Sundbeck sisters photograph several celebrities, such as John and Ester Bauer, Ellen Key and King Oscar II. Calla also wants to photograph those who cannot afford to come to the studio and often sets out with her heavy equipment to document and portray all kinds of people.

When Calla trains to become a photographer, the profession is relatively new. Thus, it had no tradition of male practitioners, which enabled many women to acquire this profession.

Calla Sundbeck. Grenna Museum’s archive.

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