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Elin Eckerberg

Nov 17, 2022


A lost son. When Elin falls pregnant, it is during a time when both knowledge about and access to contraceptives is very limited. It is even forbidden to share knowledge about contraceptives. Elin and the father of the child, August, decide not to get married. The reason is unknown, but can be financial because through marriage Elin would legally become a minor and lose her job. Instead, the child, a boy who is given the name Per, is placed in a foster family.

When Per is six years old, Elin and August finally marry and take their son home. Later, the family move to Kumlaby on Visingsö. Elin works on the island as a teacher and is very engaged in the cultural life on Visingsö. In Gränna Elin becomes the first ever chairman of the Social Democratic Women’s Club. She gives speeches, and writes posts about how important it is for women to decide over their own lives. She propagates for contraceptives, and for women to be allowed to decide when they want to have children.

Elin Eckerberg: Grenna Museum’s archive.

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