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Ida “Chef-Ida” Jönsson

Nov 17, 2022


Chef-Ida from Ingeryd. Ida Thörn grows up in Ingeryd, which is in Ölmstad parish. She takes the surname of her husband when she marries and thus becomes Ida Jönsson. Ida becomes a kitchener and is often hired to cook for different parties, both within the parish as well as outside it.

Ida cooks food for weddings, christenings, funerals, farm parties and family feasts. Some parties can last for several days and a lot of food is consumed. It is said that Ida is extremely good at calculating how much food will be consumed at a party and there is never anything missing when she is in charge.

Ida is well known in the area for her profession and she is called “Chef-Ida”. Money is collected for her from several parishes when Ida turns 65 years old. The idea is that she should buy a fur with the money, but instead she visits her brother who lives in America. After the trip, she continues with her cooking and slows down only when she turns 80.

Ida Jönsson. The photo comes from the Ölmstad parish register (1990).

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