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Closed! Open againt tomorrow at: 12:00

Isabella “Ella” von Düben

Nov 17, 2022


The nurse who opened a nursing home. At the end of the 19th century, Ella starts a nursing home in Ribbagården together with her sisters and her mother. Ella is a trained nurse and has, among other things, worked at Sophiahemmet in Stockholm. She has also practiced her profession in America for seven years.

At Ribbagården, Ella becomes the victim of an act of insanity. A patient, candidate Axel Nehrman, had a restless night, which is why he was fitted with a straitjacket and foot shackles, and tied to the bed. Ella is guarding him as he manages to break free and knocks her down with a punch. In the kitchen he finds a knife with which he stabs Ella’s sisters and mother. When Ella runs after the candidate, she too gets stabbed and is later found dead in the garden. The candidate has time to attack additional people before he is captured. In the end, several people are injured, but only Ella dies from her injuries.

Ribbagården around 1905. Grenna Museum’s archive.

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