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Katherine Tingley

Nov 17, 2022


Theosophical center Visingsö. Katherine Tingley is born in Newbury, Massachusetts, USA. While working as a social worker in New York in the 1890s, she comes into contact with Theosophy, a spiritual, philosophical movement. Not long after, Katherine becomes the leader of the Theosophical Society in the United States.

Katherine travels a lot in her life, and when she for the first time visits Sweden she falls in love with Visingsö. Here she arranges an international theosophical peace congress. She also wants to start at so called Raja-Yoga school, but encounters big opposition, in particular from the Swedish Church. A protest meeting in Gränna gathers large crowds. In 1924 the school is inaugurated, in Stigby.

Only a few years later Katherine is in a car crash in Germany. She is taken to Jönköping Hospital, but demands to be taken to Visingsö where she is cared for during her final days. Her estate donates a large sum of money as a foundation plate for Visingsö’s electrification, which is carried out at the end of 1930.

Katherine Tingley. The photo is taken from Wikipedia Katherine Tingley – Wikipedia taken 2021-02-18.

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