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Louise von Otter

Nov 17, 2022


A free-church baroness. When Louise marries Baron Carl von Otter, the couple moves to Östanå manor that Louise has inherited. Louise is religiously interested and is converted when the revival reaches Östanå.

Louise starts inviting people to religious gatherings at the castle. She spends time with and exchanges letters with leading representatives of the revival movement in Sweden. When a mission association is formed in Östanå and a chapel is to be built, Louise is the driving force in the project. Money for the construction is collected through so-called working associations that meet at the castle. There, women from the countryside gather, regardless of class, and do manual work. The land where the chapel is being built is donated by Louise’s husband.

The von Otter family continues to support the missionary association financially for many years. They write off debts, pay for board and lodging for all preachers and run the Sunday school.

Louise von Otter. Grenna Museum’s archive.

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