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Märta Persson

Nov 17, 2022


A crofter’s daughter who becomes a politician. Märta Fast is born in a croft under Aranäs manor. She works as a maid at the manor and later she is hired as a cook in Gränna. For many years she also worked as a cleaner at the elementary school and at the Andrée Museum. At a young age, she joins the Salvation Army. In Gränna, the Salvation Army has its premises at Bergsgatan 2.

Märta marries shoemaker Gustaf Persson and has two boys. Both spouses belong to the string musicians within the Salvation Army. They often play at Gränna torg. Märta knows the art of playing the violin and singing at the same time. But above all, Märta is a brilliant rhetorician. She writes poems and likes to give eulogies. In 1943, she was elected as the first Social Democratic woman to the Gränna city council. For her tireless work, Märta receives both Gränna City’s medal of honor and the home association’s badge of merit. In an interview Märta says: “I have always felt that I want to make others happy and I pray to God that my life has not been in vain”.

Märta Persson, 1974. Photographer: Nils Christer Jarenskog. Grenna Museum’s archive.

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