Open Today:10:00 – 16:00


Film and questions – Weekend

Time: 30 minutes
Recommended time for the entire visit: approximately 60 minutes.
Number of participants: Maximum 30 people
Minimum number of people: 15 people
Price: 250 SEK/room (entrance fee will be added)

(The price is adjusted on site according to the actual number attending the program)

Entrance fee:

  • Adults 70 SEK

  • Children 20 SEK (7-15 years)

  • Students and seniors 50 SEK

Schools within the municipality of Jönköping up to and including grade 9 have free entry if they visit the museum as a group, however booking a program costs.

Accompanying educators, escorts, tour guides and bus drivers have free entry.

If you are more than 60 people or if you want to book times before or after the museum's opening hours, please contact us by email or by phone.


The viewing can only be booked between 12.00 and 15.00 during the winter season. It is only possible to book whole quarters. If the desired time is not available, it is probably booked by another group.



Information about the visit

If you as a group (school group or adult group of at least 10 people) only want to visit the museum and go on your own, please contact us to ensure that the museum is not fully booked with other groups.

If you will be arriving late because of a delay: Please contact us as soon as possible. If we do not receive information about the delay, the guide waits for a maximum of 15 minutes after the appointed time. Be aware that other groups may have booked a viewing after you and that the group that arrive at their appointed time is given priority.

Accessibility: For people with a mobility impairment, we recommend either the entrance from Bergsgatan from which you can easily get down to the museum’s reception via lift, or the entrance from the town square from which you get to the reception via a ramp (note, however, that the square is sloping and that it is cobbled). The exhibition’s two floors are accessed via stairs or a lift. Accessible toilets are located next to the reception. Certified assistance dogs are of course welcome on the premises. Hearing loops are available for loan. The sound in the movie theaters can be turned up on request.

Photo and film: We refrain from photography and filming during the ongoing showing, however, it is fine to take photos in the exhibition itself. Keep in mind that the images may not be used for publication, but only for private use. Flash may not be used.

Cancellation or change of booking: If you have to cancel your booking, cancel as soon as possible in consideration for other groups. If cancellation has not been made 48 hours before the activity is supposed to start, you will be billed for the activity.

For schools: You as a teacher are responsible for your group during the visit – always walk together with your students. Pedagogical worksheets can be found on Grenna Museum’s website.

Upon arrival: We recommend that you hang up your outerwear in the cloakroom on the entrance floor. There you can also find lockers with locks, as well as toilets. Large bags and backpacks may not be taken into the exhibition for safety reasons. The cloakroom is not guarded, so we recommend locking any valuables in the lockers (bring 10 SEK in coin).

In the exhibitions: Remember that works of art and objects may not be touched. Respect other visitors – several groups may be visiting the museum at the same time, so think about the noise level. Food, sweets, drinks and ice cream may not be brought into the exhibitions.

About the showing

This is a program that suits larger groups but also those who are interested in the history of the Andrée expedition.

You start by watching our dramatized introductory film, which takes 15 minutes. Here we talk about the preparations for the expedition, the flight with the balloon “Örnen” (The eagle) and then the arduous walk on the ice.

After the film, you have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss what happened on the expedition with one of our guides for another 10-15 minutes. After that, the group is ready to independently explore the expedition’s equipment and more in the exhibition.

    Varukorg (Cart)
    Tomt (Empty)Tillbaka (Back)