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S A Andrée The engineer and polar explorer – The Biography

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Several books have been written about S A Andrée's legendary and sad polar expedition, but not nearly as many about himself. The books that mainly deal with the main character lie far back in time, to the years immediately after the departure and then in connection with the finds at White Island (Vitön) in 1930. Since then more material has shown up - and therefor there is more to tell.

In this biography, Håkan Jorikson writes about the future hero's entire life, his upbringing, interests and education to become an engineer. Sometimes Andrée was just as known for his political opinions and stances as for his balloon rides. Therefore, the reader gets an overall picture of the man, his deeds and sayings, his infatuations as well as his transformation from the private man to the public person. It is a story from August to S A Andrée - well documented with 230 photographs of family, friends, environments, objects and various publications.

The description ends in 1904 with his disappearance and declaration of death. Keep in mind that this book is written in Swedish, and we only ship within Sweden.

Håkan Jorikson has been the director of the Grenna museum Andréexpeditionen Polarcenter for many years, as well as an author. He has previously, among other things, published "I skuggan av Andrée" och "Nordenskiöld: polarresenären och zoologen Axel Ohlin - en biografi" (2016).




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