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Ulrika von Strussenfelt

Nov 17, 2022


Teacher and author. Ulrika Sophia von Strussenfelt is born into a noble family and receives a “domestic” upbringing according to the ideals of the time. She is a talented girl who develops an early interest in literature. As an adult she moves to Gränna together with her maternal grandpa and aunt. Despite her noble birth, Ulrika Sophia, who is and remains unmarried, must support herself. She does this by sewing, spinning, embroidering and working as a governess.

A few years after moving to Gränna, Ulrika Sophia starts a school that she runs in her home at Brahegatan 64. During the day she teaches at school and at night she writes. Her writing results in a large number of published books that she publishes either anonymously or under a pseudonym. She writes contemporary narratives, family novels and historical novels. Thanks to her good knowledge of French, German and English, she also receives assignments as a translator.

A couple of years before her 60th birthday, Ulrika Sophia quits as a teacher and the school closes down. A few years later she moves to Stockholm, where she lives until her death.

Ulrika von Strussenfelt. Östergötlands museum.

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