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Closed! Open againt tomorrow at: 10:00

Valborg Franck

Nov 17, 2022


The teacher. Franckska gården is one of Gränna’s oldest preserved buildings. Here, Valborg opens a private school for young girls in 1875. She has previously worked as a governess and teacher, and lived in, among other places, Stockholm and Nora. Valborg wanted to become a telegraphist, but did not manage to get a telegraphist degree. It is after the failed education that Valborg moves back to Gränna, where she lived as a child.

Valborg herself teaches most of the subjects at her school in Gränna. Almost 20 years after the school started, it also starts accepting boys. This means a different focus for teaching, seeing as boys are expected to continue on to higher studies.

Valborg teaches at her school for over 50 years before she retires and the school closes. Today, Franckska gården is part of Grenna Museum.

Picture: Valborg Franck in her office in Franckska gården, Brahegatan 38, in 1914. Photographer: Calla Sundbeck. Grenna Museum’s archive.

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