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Sofia Svensson

Nov 18, 2022


Sofia in the chapel. Anna Sofia Svensson moves to Skärstad with her family when she is a little girl. She remains in the village for the rest of her life and works as a caretaker in the north chapel in Skärstad for 37 years. Besides being a caretaker, Sofia also work as a superintendent of the Sunday school and the sewing association.

During Sofia’s lifetime, the revival is strong in the village. Sofia has a strong faith in God and experiences several times that she has healed after prayer and the Laying On Of Hands. Many preachers who come to the chapel visit Sofia after the revival meetings. This with some trepidation, it is said, because Sophia always makes sure to tell them whether their preaching has been in accordance with the word of God or not. Sofia is considered to have the gift of speech and a sharp mind. Preachers from other places seek Sofia out to take part of her experiences and knowledge.

Sofia Svensson. The picture is from Skärstad’s hembygdsförening.
North chapel in Skärstad around 1920. The picture is from Skärstad’s hembygdsförening.

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    Varukorg (Cart)
    Tomt (Empty)Tillbaka (Back)